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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Only 1 way to Increasing Alexa Ranking

Only one way to increase alexa rank, not 1000 or 1001. One way that will bring traffic is create a blog and web, that's it. Well, to bring in traffic that there are 1000, 1001 and even a million ways. He he he ... So remember those who died due to fall of the tiny little nails that imut, although tapering ends. But the small size and imutnya the nails may not be able to kill. I believe it! But the facts speak when another patch is on the drawing board gede beam, is not it?

So please, if I want to implement the 1000 Physician of Pak-engineering techniques or the other right.

Alexa rank proportionate reversed with Google Page Rank. Higher google PR better value then we blog, the lower Rank Alexa blog the blog is a good value. provide traffic information and describes a visitor's blog. Because the traffic is used as the benchmark from where (probably) the appearance of weakness Alexa cleft so that it can cheat on.

Interesting myth once scrutinize increase alexa ranking by master zalukhu blog. Place the widget Alexa, install alexa toolbar, alexa post any posts on, increase and redirect visitors to a blog blog with Url Redirect. And an average audience of the blogger mengamini points this except that he does not make exceptions on setujunya with the blog url to redirect alexa.

Apart from the logical reasons for internet users who feel deceived because risih with the url of the redirect as in (because I also feel so) to alexa, I think exactly how this can improve the click popularity alexa eyes. Sieh I correct?

Tips (private) to increase my alexa ranking visitor is looking for as much as possible. Find a variety of visitors from the flag, color, different IP, different ISPs, and more importantly, Keep Blogging and posting poko'e! This seems like the working principles of alexa booster? What if a cheat is that? I think not, the machine does not have to do it: D

Sek not see the Alexa rank of this blog first ...

Waa ... ... .. memilukaaan! Oops, memmalukan! : kabuuur: